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Bookmark and Share AVR Butterfly

Bookmark and Share AVR Butterfly
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Bookmark and Share AVR Butterfly

AVR Butterfly is an evaluation tool demonstrating the capabilities of the AVR LCD technology. The tool is shipped with preloaded firmware supporting text display on the LCD, temperature sensing, voltage readings and music playback. AVR Butterfly can also be used as a nametag.

AVR Butterfly can be reprogrammed from AVR Studio using just a serial cable. This allows the tool to be used as a development kit for the onboard ATmega169PV, or even as target hardware for simple applications. The bootloader source code is available as application note.

The code is written for the ATmega169V device, but is compatible and will work correctly without modifications on the onboard ATmega169PV device.

Product Features:

  • LCD with 120 segments, for demonstrating the ATmega169 LCD controller
  • Joystick, 4-directions with centre push, as user input
  • Piezo element, to play sounds
  • 32kHz crystal for the real-time clock
  • 4Mbit DataFlash, for data storage
  • RS-232 level-converter, for communicating with off-board units
  • NTC thermistor for temperature measurements
  • 3V button cell battery (600mAh) to provide operating power
  • JTAG connector for debugging
  • USI-interface, for additional communication interface
  • Supported by AVR Studio 4
  • Only a serial cable is required to reprogram the AVR Butterfly
  • Pre-programmed with a demonstration application, including bootloader

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